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SuiteCRM Database Backup and Restore

SuiteCRM Database Backup and Restore

SuiteCRM Database Backup and Restore

  • 1. Single click backup process to save business time and productivity.
  • 2. User can set Retention period to remove Data backup automatically.
  • 3. Set data backup timing up to three times a day.

For taking Backups in CRM software, you can now save a heap of time in this activity. Everyone looks for the best product to back up all vital business files with no hurdles. Introducing SuiteCRM Database Backup and Restore product which was built for this purpose to minimize your burden. Taking and Managing your Backup will be done hassle-free. Go for this powerful extension for your CRM software. Best of all, you will get the functionality of one-click Restoration here. Recover your valuable data from any secure location with no extra manual effort.

Advanced Functionality of SuiteCRM Backup

There are more such unparalleled features to entice you all to buy this versatile plugin for your CRM Business. Here we go-

1. Users can set the Time preference to remove the data backup anytime. It will be removed automatically so no need to stay fret about your Data storage.

2. Use the Backup process thrice a day for each user here. And also, Data can be stored in a zip format as well in any secure location.

3. Take the advantage of Automation here for the purpose of instance backup. It will stop you from manually creating instance backup which takes a lot of time.

4. This product will share every information with the user about the Backup file such as when it was created, the name of the file, size, and more.

5. Get the biggest advantage of creating Mysql Backup according to your Time zone. It will also be done automatically for your task.